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The Beatles - 1963-12-07 -...

The Beatles - 1963-12-07 - Empire Theatre Liverpool - BBC TV

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Here is a very rare excellent bootleg dvd from the legendary BBC broadcast.

Please enjoy and share with friends (for FREE!). You can show your appreciation for all the great
music i share with you by leaving your computer running for a few days or if possible weeks. Any
seeding help welcome, no matter how small or big. I cannot keep our archive alive with only a few
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The Beatles -Empire Theatre Liverpool -December 7, 1963 BBC-TV 'It's The Beatles'

Song List
Version 1-BBC TV Archive B-Roll Film Master
1. Intro
2. Partial Film Clips
3. I Want To Hold Your Hands
4. Money
5. Twist and Shout
6. From Me To You Reprise

Version 2-Silent Sea "Live In England"
7. I Want To Hold Your Hands
8. Money
9. Twist and Shout
10. From Me To You Reprise

Version 3-BBC-TV Master "Best DVD 10"
11. I Want To Hold Your Hands
12. Money
13. Twist and Shout
14. From Me To You Reprise

Bonus Material
Reuters Newsreel (Silent Film)
15. This Boy, I Want To Hold Your Hands, Money, Twist and Shout (Partial Clips)
MSNBC Film "Time And Again"
16. I Want To Hold Your Hands
Cinesound "Beatles At The Stadium"
17. I Want To Hold Your Hands
1981 Broadcast of Top Of The Pops
18. Intro/Twist and Shout
3sat-German Newsreel
19. Newsreel Footage and Crowd Scenes

TRT: 37:26
Chapters: 19
NTSC / Stereo
Audio codec: LPCM
Video codec: MPEG2
Video bitrate: 6023
Picture resolution: 720x480

We have found and compiled the most complete film of the beatles performance at the Empire Theatre.
Remastered, re-edited and upgraded for the best possible viewing.  >> Artwork (incl. in the torrent) < copyright disclaimer, fair use policy

Please note: this is sourced from a bootleg recording, not a commercial release!                                                
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